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About Us

Are you new here? Do you have questions about our Church Services or our Organisation? This page should help you find your way around. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then we’re only a phone call or email away.

Church Services

We celebrate our Church Services on Sundays

Sunday Services:

Time: 09:30am to 10:40am and 11:11am to 12:20pm
Kids program: yes
- during the 1st service from 0 to 12 years
- during the 2nd service only for preschool children
Primary language: Swiss German
Translations: English, every Sunday in the 1st service

Our location


By bus: Number 3 or 4, Bus stop,: ¨Swimming Pool“

By car: A1 Motorway exit ¨Neuenhof“, Parking spaces are available at the ¨Swimming Pool Baden“ (1 minute’s walk away from the Church)


The Bethel Community Church (GZB) is a growing Free Church with nearly 200 active members. We are organised as a charitable, non-profit-making organisation and belong to the Swiss Pentecostal Mission. We finance ourselves entirely through the voluntary support of members and friends. Locally we are part of the Evangelical Alliance in Baden-Wettingen.

Annual Report 2020 (pdf)

A Free Church is a Christian fellowship which, in contrast to the Roman Catholic, Christian Catholic or Reformed/Evangelical churches, is not bound to the State. The difference between Free Churches and State Churches lies therefore in their legal relationship to the Swiss State.
Which Christian fellowship is a State church and which is a Free Church is regulated differently in every country. In the United States of America, for example, there are no State churches and the Reformed/ Evangelical and Catholic churches have the same status as the Pentecostal, Methodist, Salvation Army or Baptist churches. Again in England, only the Anglican Church is a State church.
Pentecostal churches grew out of a revival movement within the Christian churches. They emphasise that God can be experienced through the Holy Spirit. Today, depending on which counting method is used, there are up to 800 million Christians belonging to the Pentecostal movement. You can find out more about the Swiss Pentecostal Mission here at:
The Bethel Community Church is NOT a sect. Sects believe that they alone are the churches or fellowships that bring healing and that only through them can you find the way to God or to healing. In this they don’t just base their teachings on the Bible, but mostly on other writings. Jesus Christ, the one and only Saviour, is devalued as a Person in most sects or His Works/Miracles belittled. Sects deny that Jesus is the same as God or they don’t see Him as the central figure of Biblical preaching.


With us leadership begins with Jesus

The Bethel Community Church is His Church and He is the Main Pastor. Under Jesus‘ leadership, there are further leaders. They are nothing more than qualified Christians, who follow Jesus and encourage others to follow Him likewise. The formal leadership of our church includes Elders, Deacons and Members.

Who is Jesus?


Jesus calls qualified men to lead His Church as Elders. We find the qualification for Elders in 1 Timothy, Ch. 3 and Titus, Ch. 1. These include leading one‘s own family well, proving oneself in the service of the Church and in daily life, a thorough knowledge of the Bible, a mature Christian walk and a good reputation both within and outside the Church.

The main duties of the Elders include prayer and study of the Holy Scriptures, the vision of the Church, care for the people in the Church, teaching, leading a life of example, protecting the people in the Church from false teaching and false teachers, as well as developing further leaders.

Our Elders:

Michael Ruppen

Church Leader and Pastor

More about Michael


Willi Meier


Urs Peter

Prophetic Ministry and Intercession

More about Urs

Stefan Ruppen



Jesus calls qualified men and women to lead His Church as deacons. The word „deacon“ means „Servant“. The role of deacons is mentioned in Acts, Ch.6. As the workload of serving increased in the first church, the elders didn’t just serve in prayer, the Word and leadership, but also took on additional duties like caring for the needy as well as administrative duties. As a solution, the elders named some to be deacons to support them in these responsibilities.

In our Church, deacons lead at least one ministry at departmental level. A committee of leading deacons forms the Board and together is responsible for everything operational. The committee together with the Elders forms the leadership of the Church.

The leading deacons in our Board are:

Michael Ruppen

Bethel Training (Bible School), Small groups, Prayer

More about Michael


Corina Sommer

Pastor, Children’s work

More about Corina

Jörg Bumann


Claudia Müller


Raphael Herren

Youth Pastor

More about Raphael


As a Church, we rely on our members supporting us in our ministries and undertaking a large part of the work with us. In this way we can fulfil our commission as a Church, and win as many people as possible for Jesus. It is a high calling that demands great commitment, but at the same time, it is the most worthwhile calling.

The leadership of the Church gives its all to care for Church Members in love. Correspondingly, we rely on our members to carry out together our vision as a church. We keep our organisation as lean as possible and reduce the programme to a minimum, because we trust the Holy Spirit to work through the changed hearts of our members, so that we, as the Body of Christ, can humbly serve the whole surrounding area, love our families and so honour God in a way that pleases Him.

If you wish to deepen your commitment to our Church, then we would encourage you to become a Member. You can find out more about the steps to Membership in the following link:


Our Staff includes Pastors, Assistants and Trainees, who are employed or work voluntarily one or more days a week in the Bethel Community Church

Michael Ruppen

Church Leader

More about Michael


Corina Sommer

Pastor, Leader - Children’s Work

More about Corina

Raphael Herren

Youth Pastor

More about Raphael

Claudia Müller

Leader - Seniors

Christian Ruppen

Pastor, Counselling

More about Christian

Amanda Ponti

Leader - Administration

What we believe

About God:

God is the Creator and Lord of the Universe. He has always existed and reveals Himself in the Three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These Three are Equal and One God.

Genesis 1:1,26,27; Genesis 3:22; Psalm 90:2; Matthäus 28:19; 1. Petrus 1:2; 2. Korinther 13:14

About the Bible:

The Bible is God’s Word for all people. It was written by human authors under the supernatural leadership of the Holy Spirit. It is the highest source of Truth for the Christian faith and the guide for the life of a Christian. Because the Bible was inspired by God, it is the Truth and without error.

2. Timotheus 3:16; 2. Petrus 1:20,21; 2. Timotheus 1:13; Psalm 119:105,160; Psalm 12:6; Sprüche 30:5

About people:

People were created in the spiritual image of God, to have a nature like God. People are the highest beings in God’s creation. Although a person has extremely great potential for good, he or she is characterised through his or her attitude of disobedience to God, also called „sin“. This attitude separates people from God.

Genesis 1:27; Psalm 8:3-6; Jesaja 53:6a; Römer 3:23; Jesaia 59:1,2

About eternity:

A person was created to live forever. Either he or she will exist eternally separated from God or in eternal fellowship with God through forgiveness and salvation. To be eternally separated from God is Hell. To eternally be in fellowship with Him means Heaven. Heaven and Hell are places of eternal existence.

Johannes 3:16; Johannes 2:25; Johannes 5:11-13; Römer 6:23; Offenbarung 20:15; 1. Johannes 5:11-12; Matthäus 25:31-46

About Jesus Christ:

Jesus is God’s Son. He is equal with the Father. Jesus lived a human life without sin. He gave Himself as a faultless sacrifice for the sins of the whole of humanity when He died on the cross. After three days, He arose from the dead and so proved His power over sin and death. He ascended into Heaven and will come back to the earth again as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Matthäus 1:22-23; Jesaia 9:6; Johannes 1:1-5; Johannes 14:10-30; Hebräer 4:14-15; 1. Korinther 15:3-4; Römer 1:3-4; Apostelgeschichte 1:9-11; 1. Timotheus 6:14-15; Titus 2:13

About Salvation:

Salvation is God’s Gift to us as people. It is impossible for a person to save him or herself through his or her own efforts or through good works. Only through faith in Jesus Christ as God’s sacrifice of forgiveness can a person be saved from the consequences of sin. Eternal life with God begins for you at the moment you receive Jesus Christ into your life through faith.

Römer 6:23; Epheser 2:8-9; Johannes 14:6; Johannes 1:12; Titus 3:5; Galater 3:26; Römer 5:1

About the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit is equal with God the Father and God the Son. He is present in our world, to make us as people aware that we need Jesus. From the moment of salvation onwards, He lives in every Christian. He supports believing Christians with power, understanding for spiritual truths and guidance to do that which is right. A Christian tries to live his or her life daily under His guidance.

2. Korinther 3:17; Johannes 16:7-13; Johannes 14:16-17; Apostelgeschichte 1:8; 1. Korinther 2:12; 1. Korinther 3:16; Epheser 1:13; Galater 5:25; Epheser 5:1