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Being a Disciple

The big task from Jesus

In the Bible, followers of Jesus were seldom described as Christians. Mostly they were described as disciples or followers of Jesus. His one desire for you is that you will be a follower of Him. You were created for this. Accordingly, the greatest task that Jesus has given us, is that we help one another to be His disciples. 

What is a disciple? 

A disciple understands the message of Jesus. Jesus took much time to explain to his disciples the good news about the Kingdom of God.

A disciple knows Jesus. Jesus not only taught his followers the truths, He also shared His daily life with them. As His disciple, He counts you as part of His family. 

A disciple lives for Jesus. We don’t keep for ourselves, what we get from Jesus. Jesus sends us out, that we can pass on to others, what we have received from Him. 

How do I become a disciple? 

 Discipleship needs the following four steps: Identity, Worship, Sanctification, Mission.


Who are you really? The question is not what your name is, what your job is, or what qualifications you have. But rather the question is: what defines you? What is the value and meaning in your life? What do you build your life upon? These answers define your identity. 

If we only live for 80 years or so, then the question of our identity is not so important. But the Bible tells us that our soul lives eternally. Therefore the question of our identity is absolutely important. 

Jesus says that He is the only identity that we should try to emulate. He offers stability and never disappoints. He wanted you and created you. He gave everything for you – even though you have nothing to give Him. He loves you. You can trust Him.

How do you identify with Jesus? 

1) Speak to Jesus in prayer. Confess your sins to Him, that you had lived without Him until now. Ask Him to forgive you. Tell Him that you are entrusting your life to Him and from now on you will live only for Him. 

2) Let yourself be baptised. Even Jesus let Himself be baptised. Thereby you openly confirm what has happened in your heart. 

3) Learn more about your new identity in Jesus, in that you regularly attend church services and join a Bible Study group.


We have been created as worshippers. Worship means to set a thing or person at the centre of your life. It means we live for this thing. It means we give our time, our talents, our passion, and our money for it. In this sense, every person is a worshipper. 

It is very important what we worship in our lives. If we make perishable, man-made things the centre point of our lives, we will be disappointed. Even good things like partners, family, and jobs cannot carry the weight of our hopes and dreams. Only Jesus can do that: we have been created to have God as the Number 1 in our life.

How can I worship Jesus? 

1) Give honour to Jesus. When Jesus is your identity, you can thank him in various ways for your new life: with words in your prayers, with songs, and in loving services for others. 

2) get to know Jesus better. You can learn the most about Him in the Bible. The Bible is God’s word. There you can learn who he is and what is important for Him. It’s best to start with the Gospel of John in the New Testament. 

3) Make Jesus the Number 1 in your life. Ask yourself always this question in your prayers: who has the control regarding relationships, sexuality, time, money, job, upbringing, etc. ? You or Jesus?


What should we do with our worries, sins, sicknesses, and distresses? Jesus came with the mission to make us free. Really free! He wants that you live in this freedom. Jesus gives you everything that you would need. Now you need to learn to think anew in many areas. As a congregation we help one another. 

How do I live a sanctified life? 

1) Look to Jesus. Your worries, sins, and sicknesses don’t go away if you concentrate on them or on yourself. The answer lies always with Jesus.

2) Free yourself from bondage. Through specific experiences and decisions it can be that you are inwardly bound. Especially abuse, magic, esoteric, occult, and some religions can lead to this. Jesus can loose every binding. Our pastoral counselling can gladly show you the necessary steps. 

3) Swap lies for truths. We believe many things about ourselves, about God, and about others that are not true. And here lies the root of all our problems. With the help of God’s word, the Bible, we can always recognise who we are in Jesus. 

4) Regularly dispose of your rubbish. When we confess our sins before God, He forgives us and cleanses us. Just as we forgive those people who have hurt or offended us. It helps when you have a trustworthy person that you together can dispose of the „rubbish“.


Jesus loves this world. Jesus loves this world so much that He even gave His own life for it. We cannot be indifferent to this when we follow Jesus. Wherever Jesus went, He healed people and set them free. He showed them the way, how they could repent and return to God. That was His mission. 

Jesus sends us. After Jesus died on the cross and 3 days later rose again from the dead, He sent out His disciples to continue His mission. As followers, we are His messengers who carry on His task here on this Earth. Jesus provides us with His Holy Spirit as a supernatural help.

How do I carry out the mission of Jesus? 

1) Love your neighbours. When you have experienced the powerful love of Jesus, then you won’t find it difficult to pass on this love. We ourselves are only capable of selfish love. With Jesus we have received a new kind of love, that gives love even when nothing is given in return. 

2) Preach the good news of Jesus. Faith results through hearing the Word of God. It is therefore important that you clearly explain just what the great message of Jesus is. 

3) Heal and set free. Jesus has given you as His disciple the authority to lay hands on sick people and heal them. He also gives us the power to free people from spiritual powers. All of this we don’t do of our own will, but under His leadership.