Gemeindezentrum Bethel

It’s all about Jesus

No one is more loved or hated than Jesus

This is not surprising since He is the most famous person who has ever lived. More songs were sung about Him, more artworks were created about Him and more books have been written about Him than any other person who has ever lived before or after Him. Even our calendar is based on His life, dividing the time before and after His life.

Of course such an important person has friends and enemies alike.

Many people have more or less an idea/concept of who Jesus is.

Perhaps they got their ideas from TV shows or movies, perhaps from their respective churches or Sunday school stories, from history books or simply by hearsays.

But just because we have a concept of Jesus does not necessarily mean that we really know who He is.

It’s all about Jesus in Gemeindezentrum Bethel! - and the only way you get to know Jesus is to understand what the Bible says about Him. This includes, of course, things He said about Himself.

Jesus is a good friend

We all were once „bad“ friends ourselves. Maybe we have misused our friends in the past or we were simply not there when they needed us. Or perhaps we also have experienced being done the same things ourselves.

But Jesus is a good friend. He is even the perfect Friend. Even when we had failed Him in our relationship with Him, He still remains a good friend to us.

Jesus is such a good friend and we, on the other hand, are lousy friends. He knew that the only way He could save this relationship is for Him to die for our sins – and this He did voluntarily.

Because of Jesus death on the cross we are given this opportunity daily to become better friends of Jesus.

With it we learn great things about Him:

As a good friend, Jesus loves us more than we could ever love Him, others or even ourselves.

As a good friend Jesus leads us. He shows us how we can live and love in a way that honors God and bring us fulfillment.

As a good friend Jesus forgives us our sins even though we do not deserve it. He gave up His life so that we can live.

As a good friend, it is a lot fun with Jesus. He celebrated parties and spent wonderful times with His friends.

As a good friend Jesus listens to us. When He hears our prayers, He intercedes on our behalf. He is interested on what is happening in our lives.

Jesus is a true friend

Jesus is a true friend. He speaks the truth about Himself, about us and about the world around us.

As a true friend Jesus taught us that he is God, that He came from heaven into the world as a man to be with His creation. He taught that He was sinless and died on the cross for our sins, that He forgives sins and the only way to heaven is only through Him.

As a true friend Jesus taught that we are sinners, that it is impossible to become friends of God because of our sins, , and that the only way to become friends of God is only through Him.

As a true friend, Jesus taught that this world is broken and restoration is needed. Jesus promised that He will come again and will heal this broken world. On that day there will be no more tears, no sickness and no more pain. The whole of creation will be restored once again Jesus.

Jesus is a powerful friend

Jesus is a powerful friend. The bible speaks of Him as a king and a conqueror.

As a powerful friend Jesus is the King of all creation - and he judges His kingdom here on earth as in heaven. This means that nothing is beyond the control of Jesus and that all is subject to Him.

As a powerful friend Jesus defeated Satan, sin and death. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose victoriously from the dead. He lives! And Jesus will come again to defeat the evil forever. As a good friend Jesus loves us more than we could ever love Him or ourselves or others.

Experience more about Jesus

If you want to know more about Jesus, then Bible is a great opportunity to learn about Him. Here are some passages from the Bible that speak of Jesus. If you want to go deeper, then we recommend you to read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the book of Romans:

Jesus as a good friend: Johannes 3:16, Johannes 15:3, Johannes 15:15, 1. Johannes 4:7-21, Römerbrief 3:21-26, Johannes 2:1-12, Johannes 14:4-6, 1. Korinther 11:1, Johannes 10:7-18, Johannes 16:13, Römerbrief 8:34, Hebräer 7:25, Hebräer 4:16, Lukas 22:31-32

Jesus as a true friend: Markus 14:61-64, Johannes 8:58-59, Johannes 10:30-33, Kolosser 2:8-15, Hebräer 4:15, Philipper 2:1-11, Johannes 10:17, Lukas 24:44-49, Matthäus 9:6, Lukas 23:34, Johannes 14:6, Römer 1:16, Epheser 1:13-14, 1. Thessalonicher 5:9, Hebräer 5:9-10, Offenbarung 7:10, Offenbarung 21, Römer 8:18-25, Apostelgeschichte 4:11-12

Jesus as a powerful friend: Offenbarung 19:11-16, Matthäus 26:64, Jesaia 6:1-5, 1. Korinther 15:3-11, Apostelgeschichte 1:1-11, Offenbarung 21:1-2, Epheser 6:10, Kolosser 1:17-20, 1. Korinther 15:50-56, Römer 8:15, Matthäus 16:18, Apostelgeschichte 1:23-25

We also invite you to visit our services. There you can get in touch with our leaders and pastors. They will help you by answering questions that you may have and in finding a small group that will suit your need- there you can grow and learn more about Jesus and grow deeper to become more like Him.