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We place great value on families. We believe that strong marriages and strong families are the fundament for a strong church and a strong society. The Bethel Community Church offers various services which can help families to mutually grow as disciples of Jesus.


We help parents raise children who love Jesus.

For this we offer two activities:

Children’s‘ Church Service: Parallel to the 9:30 service children from first class to sixth class can meet together for a children’s service. Younger children have a separate program. In the second church Service at 11:30 there is only a Creche for children younger than school age.

Kids Leisure Time: Youth Group & Falcons: Every second Saturday afternoon between 2PM and 5PM kids from 5 to 12 years can expect diversified activities. It’s a great chance for your kid to find good friends and enjoy him-/herself in a safe environment. From the age of 13 years, kids can learn leadership and taking responsibility for others.

Youth work

Teenagers and young adults should have the chance to understand and experience the message of Jesus Christ. To this end we offer the following:


New Generation Teens is a program for teenagers from 7th grade up to and including the first kanti/apprenticeship year.Teens meet monthly on Friday evening for fellowship, fun and group activities.Detailed information can be found in our program.


«UNTI» is the name of our Bible Lessons program for teenagers in the 7-9th grades.

During the Sunday service, we learn to understand God and His word.We strive to offer fresh, relevant, lively and practical content.

There are 20 lessons per year. The date for Unti can be found in our program.


More about Discipleship >

Youth and Young Adults

Small Groups meet regularly to pray, have fun, exchange ideas, eat…

More about Small Groups >

Events and Activities like special services, camps etc. for youth and young adults happen throughout the year.

Feel free to check out our program. Everyone is welcome.

   About the New Generation


Raphael Herren - Youth Work Leader / 056 430 15 15


There is no retirement in the Kingdom of God. As long as our strength allows us, we care for and encourage each other to complete the good path as followers of Jesus here on this earth. We organise the following activities:

Seniors Get-Together: Once each month, on a Tuesday afternoon, we meet for Bible study, for prayer & singing, as well as for companionship with coffee & cake.

Midday Prayer: every week on Tuesday from noon until 1PM, a group meets to pray for church & community concerns.

Seniors Daytrip: each year we organise an excursion and so spend a complete day together.

Visiting: we encourage those of us who are still “active” to encourage the others by making visits.

Small groups: there are several small groups that are organised by and visited by Seniors.

Additional Info for Small Groups


Claudia Müller - Leader Senior Activities / 056 430 15 15

Christian Ruppen - Deputy Leader Senior Activities / 056 430 15 15

Biblical Counselling

Saved – Healed – Delivered

Jesus came to save Mankind, to heal us and to set us free (Lukas 4:18-19). Usually small group meetings are the best place to experience this. We therefore recommend that you join a small group of your choice. There are however situations, where a talk with a trained counsellor can be necessary. In such cases, you can contact one of our counsellors.

What can you expect? Usually a counselling session stretches over 2 or 3 meetings. The intention will be to identify key areas of your life that are causing you problems. You would then be shown how the Gospel of Christ can be used in your situation, to allow healing & release from your situation to happen. These conversations are of course confidential.

What does counseling cost? The first session is free. From the second session onwards the cost is Fr. 80.00 (90 min.). Students and apprentices pay Fr. 50.00 per session.

Contact persons

Therese Peter - Counselling Leader / 056 430 15 15

Christian Ruppen - Deputy Leader Counselling / 056 430 15 15

Request for Counselling

Preparing for Marriage

A healthy marriage needs a healthy fundament. As a church, we want to enthusiastically take care that our marriages are aligned with Jesus, giving honour to God, and include a mutual friendship that grows year for year.

Who is this course for? The course is for couples who are seriously considering getting married or who are already engaged.

What can you expect? This course is a great chance to get to know both yourself and each other better, to ensure that you both are well matched and ready for marriage. The course generally consists of 3 meetings together with the mentoring married couple, and one meeting man to man & woman to woman.

Who does the course cost? For members of the Bethel Community Church there is simply the costs of the course documentation – Fr. 30.--. For all others, Fr. 60.—per meeting will be charged.

Contact persons