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Freedom through Sanctification

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Sanctification Prayer

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Sanctification Seminar

What is sanctification?

A life of freedom and peace is what each of us deeply desires. But often our lives are dominated by imprints and habits that keep us from such a life and negatively influence our relationships with God, other people and ourselves. Sanctification means step by step to put aside these obstacles and to enter into a life of freedom and peace. This is exactly what Jesus offers us through a personal encounter with Him. He has accomplished all that is necessary for this and wants you to experience forgiveness, healing and blessing in your life.

In a Sanctification Prayer or during a Sanctification Seminar we offer you to learn more about this and to take steps towards this freedom.

Sanctification Prayer

We offer the Sanctification Prayer for all people who long for change, healing and restoration. We believe that this is possible through the power of Jesus Christ. We usually conduct our Sanctification Prayers in German. If there is no knowledge of German, please note in the "Bemerkungen".

  • approx. 1.5 hours
  • in teams of 2 or 3 we serve you
  • the team consists of at least one person of your gender

We will respond to your request and ask Jesus what he wants to say to you.

Registration for a Sanctification Prayer

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Sanctification Seminar

In the two-day Sanctification Seminar you will learn more about biblical sanctification and get to know it in depth. Together we will look at how, through Jesus Christ, you have the opportunity to receive His forgiveness instead of guilt, His healing instead of hurt and His blessing instead of a curse. Besides great fellowship, you will also experience in a very practical way how liberating it is to exchange burdens with Jesus on the cross.

The next Sanctification Seminars


Friday, 03 march 2023
08:30h - 18:00h | Theory and practice

Saturday, 04 march 2023
08:30h - 17:00h
| Freedom Prayers

The March seminar will be held in German.


Gemeindezentrum Bethel (Pfingstmission Baden-Wettingen)
Seminarstrasse 37
5430 Wettingen

What awaits you

Presentations about

  • What is the biblical basis of sanctification and the human image?
  • What biblical guidance is there for listening to God's voice?
  • Why am I not automatically sanctified as a christian?
  • What are the obstacles to sanctification in the christian life?
  • Healing and renewal of the human being
  • Practical guidance and application

What else you get

  • a personal Sanctification Prayer


Jelena & David Bachmann

Shared minstry:

  • Association, seminars in CH + DE
  • House of Prayer Amden, School for Prayer


The following meals are included:

  • Snacks and refreshments
  • Meals - Friday and Saturday Lunch


Registration fee of CHF 35.00 (non-refundable in case of cancellation)

. Participation in a seminar should not depend on the financial possibilities of people seeking God. All costs for the seminar are already paid for by donations from previous participants. However, you have the possibility to make further seminars possible with a voluntary donation.

Bank details

IBAN number:
CH31 0900 0000 1586 3387 3

Postal cheque account:
PC 15-863387-3

Gemeindezentrum Bethel
Pfingstmission Baden-Wettingen
Seminarstrasse 37
5430 Wettingen

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Registration for the Sanctification Seminar

Registration is required. The number of participants is limited. Participants will be considered in the order of registration. A confirmation of registration will be sent immediately upon registration. You will receive further information about 10 days before the seminar.

Due to the limited number of seminar places, we reserve the right to contact you within 48 hours of registration if no seminar place is available.