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What is a small group?

A Church is more than just a Church Service. Each week people meet each other in various small groups. They learn more about Jesus and about discipleship; they pray, eat, laugh and share life together. These groups are the heart of our church. They help you to not simply disappear in the crowd. 

Small groups are active groups. It’s much more than just Bible study or mutual prayers (although both are part of small groups). In small groups we strive to resist the tendency to a consumer mindset in our daily lives.

We do this in that we actively care for each other, build up friendships, and through various activities serve our neighbourhood. 

Small groups organise themselves. Each group defines themselves, how often, when and where they meet. Depending on age, culture and interests, the leader finds an optimal solution for their group. 

Small groups are open. Our small groups are not closed-membership clubs. You can at any time get in touch with a group leader, and drop in on a group.

Why small groups?

Jesus had a small group. Jesus had on the one hand large crowds to whom he preached His message. But most of the time he spent in the fixed company of a group of 12 friends. In this group He taught them 3 years long what discipleship in practical life meant. 

The Bible emphasises personal fellowship. The biblical reason for fellowship in small groups is seen in God’s own likeness, in the body of Christ, and in mutual responsibility. 

God’s own likeness. We are all created in the image of God. One part of this is fellowship. The doctrine of the Holy Trinity shows us that God exists in complete and eternal fellowship in three persons.

As Mankind we long for fellowship. We are created for fellowship, to reflect the image of the Trinity of God. Much of the loneliness, pain, and separation in our lives is a result of sin, which destroys the likeness of God in us and separates us from God and other people. Small groups want to restore this lost fellowship. 

The Body of Christ: In the Bible, the church is often described as the Body of Christ. Thereby the reality is accentuated that we are all joined to one another and dependent on each other. 

Mutual Responsibility: In the church it is not only the task of the Pastors and helpers to encourage people to be disciples. It is the responsibility of all Christians, to grow as disciples and help others to be disciples.

Finding a small group

We will gladly assist you in finding a suitable small group. Just fill out the adjacent form. 

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